The mission of "Turismo per Tutti" (Tourism for All) is promoting projects and actions that guarantee a better fruition of tourist and cultural resources of Piedmont with the enhancement of accessible, sustainable and responsible tourism.

Supported by experts in different fields, the Association wants to organize pilot actions and develop services that can meet the requirements of all people, whose special needs haven't been properly considered within the Piedmont's tourist system so far.

According to the progressive approach of Italia per tutti (created by ENEA) and C.A.R.E. (Accessible Cities of Europe) the concept of accessibility goes beyond the abolition of architectural barriers and includes the idea of universal fruition of cultural heritage and services. Keeping in mind the conditions and experiences of people having difficulties in getting about or orientating we should choose simple, ergonomic, functional and modular solutions, designed for the most various and different needs and therefore suitable to all.

Making one's place, one's food, everyday life and exceptionality accessible to all is a very challenging matter. It means communicating in a correct and understandable way and it means knocking down all kinds of emargination and all limits to the individual fruition of the opportunities that our region can offer.

"Turismo per tutti" is looking for partners that wish to cooperate and promote accessible and responsible tourism at a national and European level. "Turismo per tutti" wants to give its contribution for the development of proposals, tourist services and structures that allow All to enjoy leisure and holidays satisfactorily, being all the individual conditions and needs fully aknowledged and respected.


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