The four Areas that establish the guidelines and activities of the Association are:

  • Territory, Culture and accessible Itineraries
  • Research, Development and New Projects
  • Education, Handicap and Special Needs
  • Cooperation, Equal Opportunities Legal Regulations

Every Area intends to develop a network of useful contacts with partners that, through a constant coordination, cooperate to meet the real needs of the customers. All the experiences will be shared and systems and products will be developed together through the practice of mainstreaming.

In detail, the aims of the areas are the following:

Territory, Culture and accessible Itineraries. Integrating and putting the already accessible tourist offers on the Net, improving them with significant proposals and cultural activities Production of new itineraries and new inclusive opportunities, that make the stay and visit in our region easier for all.

Research, Development and New Projects. Working out models of territorial development and pilot projects to make the most of cultural and environmental heritage. Introducing solutions that that make structures and cultural heritage accessible. Contributing to certifications of quality.

Education, Handicap and Special Needs. Developing research and professional training concerning different kinds of disability and the needs of disable people or with psychological troubles. Promoting educational activities in cooperation with other institutions and educational formats that enhance good praxis of hospitality for people with special needs -more and more indispensable in the tourist sector too.

Cooperation, Equal Opportunities Legal Regulations. Consultancy, legal advice and screening on regulations concerning architectural barriers, protection of fundamental rights and no discrimination. Promoting partnership and transnational cooperation in Euro-projects. Creation of a national network for the coordination of all projects and activities promoting accessible tourism.


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